Drumline Break Creator App

Creating drum breaks for snare drum and tenors is finally fast, easy, and fun!


Drum Break Creator app

Creating drum breaks for snare drum and tenors is finally fast, easy, and fun! No laptops, no expensive subscriptions, no extra plugins, and no 1990's music composition apps made for piano with 500 options that you'll never use. Whether you're in your bedroom or the band room, a bus, or the field, you now have full access to the specific notation you need to compose, edit, playback, save and share snare drum and tenor drum notation with your section, instructor, drumline, and band. All this for one price, forever in your pocket right next to your drum key.

We spend our entire percussive careers playing other peoples music. Isn't about time we start playing our own? This app is on a mission to inspire an entire new generation of music writers who are going to create things this generation never thought was possible. The next winning break, percussion feature, or drill will not come from the top down but from ideas coming from the bottom up.

*Insert stick drop here*

All audio samples were professionally recorded at NoiseFloor Ltd. in Chicago by DCI sound engineer Jamie Vanadia. The snare drum and tenors used were generously provided by Dynasty. The snare is Dynasty's MS-XD14 Marching Snare Drum on an Evans Hybrid drumhead. The tenor drums are Dynasty's MT-680234 Tenor Drums in Corps Configuration with 6 inch and 8 inch shot drums on Evans Corps Clear heads.

Drum Break Creator includes a number of rudiments such as triplets, sextuplets, flams, single stroke 4s, etc. Plus place, accents, doubles, grace notes, buzz notes, rimshots, double stops, as well put in your preferred sticking.

Use the app to create your next standout drum break. Create your drumline's next set of warmups. Write a few new cadences or street beats for that next parade. Use it to better understand the timing and voicing of your music. Play along on your drum pad. For beginners, use it to better understand how to read certain notations. Recreate some of the harder parts of your sheet music to help smooth out the tougher bits of your show.